Terms and Conditions for access to COVIDSafe App Code

By accessing the App Code I accept and agree to the following terms:

  1. If I distribute the App Code to anyone else, I will ensure these terms are provided to them and are not deleted.
  2. I agree to access the App Code for the purpose of obtaining information about the COVIDSafe App only.
  3. I understand and agree that the App Code is provided on an as is where is basis, that the App Code may be updated over time, and that the DTA and the Commonwealth have no liability whatsoever in connection with my access to or use of the App Code.
  4. I agree to stop all access and use of the App Code if requested by the DTA.
  5. I will not use the App Code for any product development purposes, without first gaining approval from the DTA in writing for my specific intended use of the code.
  6. I will promptly report to the DTA on any actual or potential security vulnerabilities I become aware of in respect of the COVIDSafe App.
  7. I am responsible for any costs of third party claims associated with my access to the App Code, and must pay those claims on request.
  8. I understand and agree that:
    1. the DTA will collect information about me and my access to the App Code, and any feedback, comments, or other information that I post on GitHub in connection with the App Code (and I understand that this information may also be seen or accessed by other users of GitHub who have been given access to the App Code);
    2. the DTA may use that information for the purposes of managing my access to the App Code, and to consider any feedback, comments or other information that I provide in relation to the App Code or the COVIDSafe App;
    3. the DTA may disclose that information to other Commonwealth agencies and their contractors for the purposes of improving the App Code or the COVIDSafe App, or as required for public accountability and reporting purposes, but DTA will de-identify personal information before disclosure wherever reasonable and practicable (GitHub, a company based in the US, may also handle your personal information in accordance with the GitHub Terms and Conditions); and
    4. further information about how DTA will handle personal information, and my rights to complain or access or correct my personal information, is available at DTA's Privacy Policy.

Access the code.